Our background and mission


We created bitkee from a desire to help our friends and family secure their money with a durable, dependable tangible object. It is our mission to become the leading manufacturer of secure, physical cold storage wallets for the people. We will accomplish this by serving and exceeding the expectations of our customers while being current and adaptive to the Bitcoin community and providing them with quality, functional and aesthetic products.


The Team

Christian Gaviria
Computer Scientist

Christian is a self-taught engineer, web developer, and programmer with a degree in Computer Science from NJIT, 2005. Christian successfully owned a website developing and hosting company from 2002 until 2010. At bitkee, Christian serves as the cryptocurrency wallet security technician for our products to maintain a high level of security and stay in line with the newest innovations in bitcoin technology.

Jason Gaviria

Also found at

Jason is a manufacturing specialist with degrees in History and Law & Justice from Rowan University, 2008. Jason is in charge of producing all of the materials needed to make a bitkee product. Jason is a DIY enthusiast and appreciates minimalism in design. At bitkee, Jason serves as the manufacturer and designer of our product line.

Carlos Gaviria

Carlos is a Vietnam veteran and a mechanical and electrical engineer with a degree in Engineering from CUNY, 1985. For the past 20 years, he continues to own and operate his successful packaging machinery company Lazar Technologies, Inc. Carlos believes in bitcoin technology and invested in it with his knowledge of engineering. At bitkee, Carlos serves as an adviser for his two sons.

Infomation Officer
Web Ninja

Michael is an expert freelance web designer and developer with a degree in Computer Engineering from NJIT, 2005. Michael is a long time childhood friend of the founders with 15 years experience and knowledge about all aspects of web development and website design. At bitkee, Michael serves as the ninja maintaining the web presence for our products.