Unless otherwise specified, Bitkee LLC and its subsidiary companies (“bitkee”) are the corporate legal entities that publish bitkee.com and related websites and services. In this Security Policy “we”, “us”, and “our” means bitkee.

Our Security Policy describes how we manufacture our bitkee products when it comes to the sensitive information being printed and transferred from the digital world to the physical world. We may amend these terms at any time by posting a revised version on our website which will become effective immediately. By using our website and services you agree that you understand our Security Policy.

Physical & Digital Security

Our offline computer is locked away within our facility and only accessible at the time of laser engraving. Additionally, the hard drive for the offline computer is removed and physically separated and secured whenever not in use as well. Routinely, the hard drives used in the creation of offline wallets are zeroed out before being physically destroyed.

Our offline computer is always password protected and never connected to a network. The offline computer has been disabled of network capabilities through the software and by removing the hardware. The laser engraver is offline as well. It has all sensitive information purged from the flash memory by zeroing it out and shutting down the printer.

We physically destroy our hard drives and then separate the pieces and discreetly trash them over a period of time and locations. In other words, they are made into an unrecoverable, painstaking puzzle for no one to solve for your security.

Packaging & Shipping

Each individual bitkee is printed on demand and sealed directly off the laser engraver.  Each bitkee is concealed and wax sealed in a manila envelope using a unique stamp. The envelope is then placed into a one-time seal, tamper-evident plastic bag. Finally the manila envelope inside of a tamper-evident plastic bag is then packed in a small shipping carton and taped shut before being shipped.

Revised June 27th, 2014.