Contact us here if you would like to request support for a specific crypto currency.

If you would like to submit a logo for a crypto currency follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Image properties
Ideally the image should be:
  • 500 pixels x 500 pixels
  • 600 pixels/inch resolution
  • Transparent background
  • PNG-24; .png file format
Step 2:  Source the image
Find the crypto currency or crypto currency software logo.
Google Images is a great place to start.
Twitter is a promising place to find a high quality image from an official twitter account of the crypto currency.
Step 3:  Edit the image
Use an image editing program to alter the logo to fulfill the image properties detailed in step 1.
Gimp is a free image editing program alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
Pixlr is another free image editing program that runs online in a browser window.
Step 4:   Submit the logo image
Email us the logo at
We understand if you could not accomplish all of the ideal requirements for the logo image.
It helps us a lot and we are grateful for your submission so thank you very much.
Samples of images used for laser engraving:

(500 pixels x 500 pixels @ 600 pixels/inch resolution)

(1000 pixels x 250 pixels @ 600 pixels/inch resolution)

Samples of images used for website order page:

(60 pixels x 60 pixels @ 72 pixels/inch resolution)

(60 pixels x 60 pixels @ 72 pixels/inch resolution)

Photographs of bitkee products: